Hydraredox’s technology unique characteristics open the door for a wide range of applications.

Flexible architecture, modular design, immediate start from idle, expected life of around 30 years, single multi-MW circuits, long-duration storage and no self-discharge – all at highly competitive price.


Utilities – Multi-MW Grid Scale Applications

  • Reduce excess capacity built to accommodate peak demand
  • Enable full renewable integration for a green grid
  • Provide ancillary services

Renewables – Compatibility & Integration

  • Full integration for a greener and more stable grid
  • Decentralization and micro grids
  • ​Compatible with Solar PV and Wind

Commercial & Industrial – Reliability

  • Managing rising cost of electricity
  • Ensuring quality and reliability of power
  • Back up system for outages

Agricultural – Managing Rising Costs

  • Managing rising cost of electricity
  • Power independence
  • Demand charge reduction

Residential – Reliability and Independence

  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Back-up for temporary outages
  • Current efficiency around 95%
  • Immediate response
  • Maximum depth of discharge (100%)
  • Negligible self-discharge

  • Expected life of 30 years
  • Uninterrupted operation (individual
  • Ease of maitenance

  • Safe
  • Environmentally neutral

  • Scalable amperage and load
  • Can be charged with uniform or
    intermittent loads

  • Modular and scalable
  • Compatible with Solar PV and Wind