Hydraredox’s proprietary technology has evolved into a unique storage system.

At the core of our technology is a patented ‘single cell’ design which gives our systems a unprecedented set of characteristics and benefits.

What we offer
How we do it

Benefits for users

Long Life

  • 30 years operation without interruption
  • Maintenance without shutdown
  • Switch in, switch out of individual cells
  • Highly reliable system
  • Long amortization period
  • Long-term low electricity cost



  • Micro second response
  • Instant system readiness
  • Uninterrupted power supply  function (UPS)



  • Infinite number of cycles
  • 24 hour up-time
  • No deterioration during cycling
  • Rapid charge/discharge
  • Charge and discharge as often as needed over the life of the system
  • Constant operation
Low Cost
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Aligned with price of  electricity
  • High efficiency, long life, reliability, low maintenance
  • Faster project payback
  • Cost in line with falling cost of renewable energy
High Efficiency
  • > 80% efficiency over the life of the system
  • No deterioration during cycling
  • Lower cost

High Efficiency

at Low Loads

  • > 85% efficiency at low loads
  • No self-discharge
  • 100% compatible with variable and intermittent nature of renewables



  • Reliable system
  • Compartmentalized maintenance
  • Long life of components
  • Low maintenance cost
Flexible Architecture
  • Complete customization of power, energy stored, voltage and amperage
  • Unique patented single cell design
  • Completely flexible design for load and voltage
  • Single circuits with MW power
  • Long duration storage



  • Bespoke systems designed to specific requirements
  • No fixed product specification
  • Tailor made plant configuration
  • Meet individual energy needs
  • No design/size restrictions

  • Operation at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • Automatic monitoring of operation parameters
  • No risk of explosion or contamination
Environmentally Neutral
  • No toxic releases during operation
  • No by-products
  • Recyclability
  • Automatic monitoring of operation parameters
  • No toxic residues at end of life
  • Vanadium is fully recyclable